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From Our Family Farm...

Moore Family Farms

-   ABOUT US  -

Moore Family Farms is first generation beef and dairy farm located just outside Maquoketa, Iowa. Moore Family Farms began with Heather and Brandon's marriage in 2009, with stock cows (mama beef cows) on rented pasture. In 2011, the Moore's moved to their home farm and added feeder cattle (younger animals for beef production). In 2014, the Moore family traded the stock cows for 50 dairy cows when they built a brand-new tie stall dairy barn. The tie stall barn and small numbers mean that the Moore family can give each animal hands-on care, according to their needs and personalities! Each cow and heifer has a name and spends their days loafing on the Sand Prairie near the Maquoketa River. Their four children (who rarely all smile for the camera at the same time, but we take what we can get) love the farm life as well, and are developing their own herd of dairy goats and flocks of poultry. 

In 2017, Brandon and Heather looked at the trends in the dairy markets and weighed their options. Ultimately, they decided to have some of their milk custom made into their mild cheddar cheese by an artisan cheesemaker in the heart of Wisconsin's driftless region. One thing led to another and the Moore Family opened a shop in Main Street in their hometown where they sell local food products from all around the tristate area! 

Now Moore Family Farms is located at 901 W.  Platt Street in Maquoketa- we are open daily and market hundreds of locally produced products- most from within 100 miles of Maquoketa! We serve locally roasted espresso coffee drinks, grilled cheese sandwiches prepared with only local ingredients, and daily "farmer food" specials!